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OVERHEIGHT WARNING ALERT SENSOR SYSTEM Malaysia Thailand Singapore Indonesia Philippines Vietnam Eur

25 Jun 2020
OVERHEIGHT WARNING ALERT SENSOR SYSTEM Malaysia Thailand Singapore Indonesia Philippines Vietnam Eur
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With the advent of the flood season, the water level of the river fluctuates, and the empty height of the bridge (the distance from the bridge surface to the water surface) is difficult to determine. The height above the waterline also changes when the ship is loaded and empty, and it is difficult for the ship's driver to be accurate Knowing whether the height of your ship is in line with the current headroom of the current bridge, you can only roughly judge whether you can pass the bridge based on your experience. As a result, ship collision accidents caused by over-height over the years have occurred frequently during the flood season, seriously threatening the navigation safety of the bridge.

Based on the self-developed high-end long-range laser radar LS30B, LS LIDAR proposed a bridge intelligent height-limiting anti-collision solution based on the self-developed high-end long-range laser radar LS30B. Passive precautions.

The LS30B laser radar LS30B has 360° environmental awareness , can detect ultra-high target ships in real time , and can accurately identify small targets such as masts and tower cranes; it can monitor and predict the ship's running trajectory in real time and master the ship in time Whereabouts and yaw; the accuracy of detection and identification of targets is high, without fear of day and night light intensity, strong anti-interference ability, low false alarm rate, and stable work throughout the day.
High-end long-range lidar
• Using TOF (Time of Flight) ranging solution
• Range 0.5m-2000m
• Data acquisition speed up to 200,000 points/second
• 360° high-precision scanning, with a minimum angular resolution of 0.009°
• Can work normally in strong sunlight or darkness
The laser height limit anti-collision solution of the laser bridge is to install the long-range laser radar LS30B at a specific location on the bridge or on the shore at a certain distance from the bridge. The laser is used to scan and monitor the ultra-high targets in the navigable waters, and it can be found up to 2km away Super-height ships that pose a threat to the safety of bridges, and know the ship's position, distance, speed, and running trajectory, and issue warning information in a timely manner-warnings can be issued to super-height ships through tweeters and large LED screens, and displayed in the monitoring hall Early warning information. After receiving the warning, the maritime law enforcement department and the bridge maintenance personnel shall deal with the danger in time to effectively avoid the collision of the ship with the bridge due to the over-height.
The system can divide the ''safety warning zone'', ''no entry zone'', ''danger warning zone'' and other three lines of defense into the navigable waters within the detection range of the lidar, and set the corresponding ''early warning'' and ''emergency warning'' respectively '', ''critical warning'' and other different sound and light alarms, so that relevant personnel can respond in a timely manner according to the degree of urgency.
In this solution, the lidar can also be linked with the camera. The camera can track, capture, and take pictures of the ultra-high vessel's dynamic trajectory detected by the lidar, so that the staff can more intuitively grasp the scene.

This sensor can also be applied as below.

Rail Bridge Overheight Detection and Alert System

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