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+66 21506739
+66 21506739
+66 982801231
GPS: 13.8624779, 100.4906046

AECO M18 INDUCTIVE PROXIMITY SENSOR Malaysia Singapore Thailand Indonesia Philippines Vietnam Europe USA

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AECO M18 INDUCTIVE PROXIMITY SENSOR Malaysia Singapore Thailand Indonesia Philippines Vietnam Europe USA AECO FEATURED BRANDS / LINE CARD
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Inductive Sensors Ø 18mm  
I18000003 SI18-A5 NC
I18000001 SI18-A5 NC H
I18000002 SI18-A5 NC K
I18000151 SI18-A5 NC LC10
I18000149 SI18-A5 NC LC5
I18000006 SI18-A5 NO
I18000004 SI18-A5 NO H
I18000005 SI18-A5 NO K
I18000155 SI18-A5 NO LC10
I18000153 SI18-A5 NO LC5
I18000009 SI18-AE8 NC
I18000007 SI18-AE8 NC H
I18000008 SI18-AE8 NC K
I18000159 SI18-AE8 NC LC10
I18000157 SI18-AE8 NC LC5
I18000012 SI18-AE8 NO
I18000010 SI18-AE8 NO H
I18000011 SI18-AE8 NO K
I18000163 SI18-AE8 NO LC10
I18000161 SI18-AE8 NO LC5
I18000013 SI18-B5 NC
I18000014 SI18-B5 NC H
I18000015 SI18-B5 NC K
I18000167 SI18-B5 NC LC10
I18000165 SI18-B5 NC LC5
I18000017 SI18-B5 NO
I18000018 SI18-B5 NO H
I18000019 SI18-B5 NO K
I18000171 SI18-B5 NO LC10
I18000169 SI18-B5 NO LC5
I18000021 SI18-BE8 NC
I18000022 SI18-BE8 NC H
I18000023 SI18-BE8 NC K
I18000175 SI18-BE8 NC LC10
I18000173 SI18-BE8 NC LC5
I18000025 SI18-BE8 NO
I18000026 SI18-BE8 NO H
I18000027 SI18-BE8 NO K
I18000179 SI18-BE8 NO LC10
I18000177 SI18-BE8 NO LC5
I18000029 SI18-C5 NPN NC
I18000030 SI18-C5 NPN NC H
I18000031 SI18-C5 NPN NC H S
I18000032 SI18-C5 NPN NC K
I18000183 SI18-C5 NPN NC LC10
I18000181 SI18-C5 NPN NC LC5
I18000034 SI18-C5 NPN NC S
I18000187 SI18-C5 NPN NC S LC10
I18000185 SI18-C5 NPN NC S LC5
I18000036 SI18-C5 NPN NO
I18000037 SI18-C5 NPN NO H
I18000038 SI18-C5 NPN NO H S
I18000039 SI18-C5 NPN NO K
I18000191 SI18-C5 NPN NO LC10
I18000189 SI18-C5 NPN NO LC5
I18000041 SI18-C5 NPN NO S
I18000195 SI18-C5 NPN NO S LC10
I18000193 SI18-C5 NPN NO S LC5
I18000043 SI18-C5 NPN NO+NC
I18000044 SI18-C5 NPN NO+NC H
I18000046 SI18-C5 NPN NO+NC K
I18000199 SI18-C5 NPN NO+NC LC10
I18000197 SI18-C5 NPN NO+NC LC5
I18000049 SI18-C5 PNP NC
I18000050 SI18-C5 PNP NC H
I18000051 SI18-C5 PNP NC H S
I18000052 SI18-C5 PNP NC K
I18000203 SI18-C5 PNP NC LC10
I18000201 SI18-C5 PNP NC LC5
I18000054 SI18-C5 PNP NC S
I18000207 SI18-C5 PNP NC S LC10
I18000205 SI18-C5 PNP NC S LC5
I18000056 SI18-C5 PNP NO
I18000057 SI18-C5 PNP NO H
I18000058 SI18-C5 PNP NO H S
I18000059 SI18-C5 PNP NO K
I18000211 SI18-C5 PNP NO LC10
I18000209 SI18-C5 PNP NO LC5
I18000061 SI18-C5 PNP NO S
I18000215 SI18-C5 PNP NO S LC10
I18000213 SI18-C5 PNP NO S LC5
I18000064 SI18-C5 PNP NO+NC
I18000065 SI18-C5 PNP NO+NC H
I18000067 SI18-C5 PNP NO+NC K
I18000219 SI18-C5 PNP NO+NC LC10
I18000217 SI18-C5 PNP NO+NC LC5
I18000070 SI18-CE8 NPN NC
I18000071 SI18-CE8 NPN NC H
I18000073 SI18-CE8 NPN NC K
I18000223 SI18-CE8 NPN NC LC10
I18000221 SI18-CE8 NPN NC LC5
I18000077 SI18-CE8 NPN NO
I18000078 SI18-CE8 NPN NO H
I18000080 SI18-CE8 NPN NO K
I18000227 SI18-CE8 NPN NO LC10
I18000225 SI18-CE8 NPN NO LC5
I18000084 SI18-CE8 NPN NO+NC
I18000085 SI18-CE8 NPN NO+NC H
I18000087 SI18-CE8 NPN NO+NC K
I18000231 SI18-CE8 NPN NO+NC LC10
I18000229 SI18-CE8 NPN NO+NC LC5
I18000090 SI18-CE8 PNP NC
I18000091 SI18-CE8 PNP NC H
I18000093 SI18-CE8 PNP NC K
I18000235 SI18-CE8 PNP NC LC10
I18000233 SI18-CE8 PNP NC LC5
I18000097 SI18-CE8 PNP NO
I18000098 SI18-CE8 PNP NO H
I18000100 SI18-CE8 PNP NO K
I18000239 SI18-CE8 PNP NO LC10
I18000237 SI18-CE8 PNP NO LC5
I18000104 SI18-CE8 PNP NO+NC
I18000105 SI18-CE8 PNP NO+NC H
I18000107 SI18-CE8 PNP NO+NC K
I18000243 SI18-CE8 PNP NO+NC LC10
I18000241 SI18-CE8 PNP NO+NC LC5
I18000449 SI18-DC8 NPN NC
I18000452 SI18-DC8 NPN NC H
I18000112 SI18-DC8 NPN NC H S
I18000451 SI18-DC8 NPN NC LC10
I18000450 SI18-DC8 NPN NC LC5
I18000113 SI18-DC8 NPN NC S
I18000247 SI18-DC8 NPN NC S LC10
I18000245 SI18-DC8 NPN NC S LC5
I18000453 SI18-DC8 NPN NO
I18000400 SI18-DC8 NPN NO H
I18000114 SI18-DC8 NPN NO H S
I18000455 SI18-DC8 NPN NO LC10
I18000454 SI18-DC8 NPN NO LC5
I18000115 SI18-DC8 NPN NO S
I18000251 SI18-DC8 NPN NO S LC10
I18000249 SI18-DC8 NPN NO S LC5
I18000117 SI18-DC8 NPN NO+NC H S
I18000116 SI18-DC8 NPN NO+NC S
I18000255 SI18-DC8 NPN NO+NC S LC10
I18000253 SI18-DC8 NPN NO+NC S LC5
I18000396 SI18-DC8 PNP NC
I18000458 SI18-DC8 PNP NC H
I18000118 SI18-DC8 PNP NC H S
I18000457 SI18-DC8 PNP NC LC10
I18000456 SI18-DC8 PNP NC LC5
I18000119 SI18-DC8 PNP NC S
I18000259 SI18-DC8 PNP NC S LC10
I18000257 SI18-DC8 PNP NC S LC5
I18000431 SI18-DC8 PNP NO
I18000399 SI18-DC8 PNP NO H
I18000120 SI18-DC8 PNP NO H S
I18000460 SI18-DC8 PNP NO LC10
I18000459 SI18-DC8 PNP NO LC5
I18000121 SI18-DC8 PNP NO S
I18000263 SI18-DC8 PNP NO S LC10
I18000261 SI18-DC8 PNP NO S LC5
I18000122 SI18-DC8 PNP NO+NC H S
I18000123 SI18-DC8 PNP NO+NC S
I18000267 SI18-DC8 PNP NO+NC S LC10
I18000265 SI18-DC8 PNP NO+NC S LC5
I18000461 SI18-DCE16 NPN NC
I18000464 SI18-DCE16 NPN NC H
I18000463 SI18-DCE16 NPN NC LC10
I18000462 SI18-DCE16 NPN NC LC5
I18000465 SI18-DCE16 NPN NO
I18000473 SI18-DCE16 NPN NO H
I18000467 SI18-DCE16 NPN NO LC10
I18000466 SI18-DCE16 NPN NO LC5
I18000129 SI18-DCE16 NPN NO+NC H S
I18000130 SI18-DCE16 NPN NO+NC S
I18000271 SI18-DCE16 NPN NO+NC S LC10
I18000269 SI18-DCE16 NPN NO+NC S LC5
I18000474 SI18-DCE16 PNP NC
I18000470 SI18-DCE16 PNP NC H
I18000469 SI18-DCE16 PNP NC LC10
I18000468 SI18-DCE16 PNP NC LC5
I18000475 SI18-DCE16 PNP NO
I18000476 SI18-DCE16 PNP NO H
I18000472 SI18-DCE16 PNP NO LC10
I18000471 SI18-DCE16 PNP NO LC5
I18000135 SI18-DCE16 PNP NO+NC H S
I18000136 SI18-DCE16 PNP NO+NC S
I18000275 SI18-DCE16 PNP NO+NC S LC10
I18000273 SI18-DCE16 PNP NO+NC S LC5
I18000137 SI18-N5
I18000138 SI18-N5 H
I18000339 SI18-N5 LC10
I18000336 SI18-N5 LC5
I18000143 SI18-NE8
I18000144 SI18-NE8 H
I18000347 SI18-NE8 LC10
I18000345 SI18-NE8 LC5

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