Optimus Control Industry PLT
8Trium, Menara 2,
Jalan Cempaka SD 12/5,
Bandar Sri Damansara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur,
+603-6279 0071
+603-6270 0071

Optimus Control Industry PLT
8Trium, Menara 2,
Jalan Cempaka SD 12/5,
Bandar Sri Damansara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur,

+603-6279 0071
+603-6270 0071
Optimus Control CO., LTD.
5/64, Moo7, City Sense Village,
Leangmuangnon Soi 13
Bangkraso, Muangnonthaburi,
Nonthaburi, Thailand, 11000.
TAX ID: 01255600190070
+66 21506739
+66 21506739
+66 982801231

บริษัท ออพติมัส คอนโทรล  จำกัด
5/64 หมู่ 7, หมู่บ้านซิตี้ เซนส์,
ซอย เลี่ยงเมืองนนท์ 13,
ต.บางกระสอ อ.เมืองนนทบุรี,
จ.นนทบุรี 11000 ประเทศไทย
เลขประจำตัวผู้เสียภาษี 0125560019070

+66 21506739
+66 21506739
+66 982801231
GPS: 13.8624779, 100.4906046

CARLO GAVAZZI Timers Malaysia Singapore Thailand Indonesia Philippines Vietnam Europe USA

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CARLO GAVAZZI Timers Malaysia Singapore Thailand Indonesia Philippines Vietnam Europe USA CARLO GAVAZZI FEATURED BRANDS / LINE CARD
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We are dealer for CARLO GAVAZZI automation products.

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Product range:

         Inductive sensors
            Capacitive sensors
            Photoelectric sensors
            Conductive sensors
            Magnetic sensors
            Ultrasonic sensors
            Motion radar sensors
            Environmental sensors
            Loop detectors
            Safety magnetic sensors
            Safety light curtains
    Solid state relays
    Soft starters
    Variable speed drives
    Push buttons & Pilot lights
    Motor protection relays
    Limit switches
    Monitoring relays
    Digital panel meters
    Digital panel meters - modular
    Energy management
    Energy management - modular
    Software communication devices
    Energy efficiency monitoring
    Safety modules
    Switching power supply
    Measurement transformers
    Current transformers
            Dupline® General purpose
            Dupline® DuplineSafe
            Dupline® Irrigation
            Dupline® Elevator
            Dupline® Parking guidance system
            Dupline® Home and Building automation

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RM1B60A50 RA1250L06NOS RD0605-D RR2I4030HDP RM1B60A75 RA1250L06PCS RD2001-D RR2I4030LAP RM1B60D100 RA1250L06POS RD3501-D RR2I4805HDP RM1B60D25 RA1290H06NCS RE24110AA06 RR2I4815HAP RM1B60D50 RA1290H06NOS RE2425AA06 RR2I4815HDP RM1B60D75 RA1290H06PCS RE2425AD06 RR2I4815LAP RN1523V50 RA1290H06POS RE2450AA06 RR2I4830HAP RN1A23A10E RA1290L06NCS RE2450AD06 RR2I4830HDP RN1A23A10U RA1290L06NOS RE2490AA06 RR2I4830LAP RA1290L06PCS RE4810AA12 RS1A23D10 RN1A23A20E RA1290L06POS RE48110AA12 RS1A23D25 RN1A23A20U RA2310-D06D RE4825AA12 RS1A23D40 RN1A23A30 RA23110-D06D RE4850AA12 RS1A23LA10 RN1A23A50 RA2325-D06D RE4890AA12 RS1A23LA25 RN1A23A63 RA2325H06NCS RE60110AA12 RS1A23LA40 RN1A23D108 RA2325H06NOS RE6050AA12 RS1A40D10 RN1A23D10E RA2325H06PCS RE6090AA12 RN1A23D20E RA2325H06POS RHS00 RS1A40D25 RN1A23D20U RA2325L06NCS RHS07 RS1A40D40 RN1A23D30 RA2325L06NOS RHS100 RS1A40LA10 RN1A23D50 RA2325L06PCS RHS112 RS1A40LA25 RN1A23D63 RA2325L06POS RHS300 RS1A40LA40 RN1A48A10E RA2350-D06D RHS301 RS1A48D10 RN1A48A10U RA2350H06NCS RS1A48D25 RN1A48A20E RA2350H06NOS RHS301F115 RS1A48D40 RN1A48A20U RA2350H06PCS RHS301F115C RS1A48LA10 RN1A48A30 RA2350H06POS RHS301F230 RS1A48LA25 RN1A48A50 RA2350L06NCS RHS301F230C RS1A48LA40 RN1A48A63 RA2350L06NOS RHS45A RS302440-10-24 RN1A48D10E  RHS45B RTH1 RN1A48D10U RA2350L06PCS RHS90 RTH2 RN1A48D20E RA2350L06POS RHSF40-24 RTH3 RN1A48D20U RA2390-D06D RHSF60-24 RV02 RN1A48D30 RA2390H06NCS RM1A23A100 RV04 RN1A48D50 RA2390H06NOS RM1A23A25 RV05 RN1A48D63 RA2390H06PCS RM1A23A50 RV06 RN1A60A10E RA2390L06POS RM1A23A75 RV07 RN1A60A10U RA2390L06NCS RM1A23D100 RZ2410HDP1 RN1A60A20E RA2390L06NOS RM1A23D25 RZ2425HAP0 RN1A60A20U RA2390L06PCS RM1A23D50 RZ2425HAP1 RN1A60D10E RA2390L06POS RM1A23D75 RZ4025HDP0 RN1A60D10U RA-2410-D06L RM1A40A100 RZ4025HDP1 RN1A60D20E RA24110-D06 RM1A40A25 RZ2440HAP0 RN1A60D20U RA2425-D06 RM1A40A50 RZ2440HAP1 RN1B23A10E RA2425-D06L RM1A40A75 RA2440HDP0 RN1B23A10U RA2425-D06T RM1A40D100 RZ2440HDP1 RN1B23A20E RA2425-D06TF RM1A40D25 RZ2455HAP0 RN1B23A20U RA2425HA06 RM1A40D50 RZ2455HAP1 RN1B23D10E RA2425HA06T RM1A40D75 RZ2455HAP2 RN1B23D10U RA2425LA06 RM1A48A100 RZ2455HDP0 RN1B23D20E RA2450-D06 RM1A48A25 RZ2455HDP1 RN1B23D20U RA2450H06 RM1A48A50 RZ4010HAP1 RN1B23D30 RA2450LA06 RM1A48A75 RZ4010HDP2 RZ3A40D55 RA2490-D06 RM1A48D100 RZ4025HAP0 RN1B23D50 RA2490H06 RM1A48D25 RZ4025HAP1 RN1B23D63 RA2490LA06 RM1A48D50 RZ4025HAP2 RN1B48A10E RA4010-D08D RM1A48D75 RZ4025HDP0 RN1B48A10U RA4010-D08L RM1A60A100 RZ4025HDP1 RN1B48A20E RA40110-D08D RM1A60A25 RZ4025HDP2 RN1B48A20U RA40110-D10 RM1A60A50 RZ4040HAP0 RN1B48D10E RA4025-D08D RM1A60A75 RP1D060D8 RN1B48D10U RA4025-D08L RM1A60D100 RZ4040HAP1 RN1B48D20E RA4025H10NCS RM1A60D25 RZ4040HDP0 RN1B48D20U RA4025H10NOS RM1A60D50 RZ4040HDP1 RN1B48D30 RA4025H10PCS RM1A60D75 RZ4040HDP2 RN1B48D50 RA4025H10POS RN1S23L50NO RZ4055HAP0 RN1B48D63 RA4025L10NCS RN1S23L50PC RZ4055HAP1 RN1B60A10E RA4025L10NOS  RZ4055HAP2 RN1B60A10E RA4025L10PCS RN1S23L50PO RZ4055HDP0 RN1B60A20E RA4025L10POS RN1S40H30NC RZ4055HDP1 RN1B60A20U RA4050-D08D RN1S40H30NO RZ4055HDP2 RN1B60D10E RA4050H10NCS RN1S40H30PC RZ4810HDP2 RN1B60D10E RA4050H10NOS RN1S40H30PO RZ4825HAP0 RN1B60D20E  RN1S40H50NC RZ4825HAP1 RN1B60D20U RA4050H10PCS RN1S40H50NO RZ4825HDP0 RN1F12130 RA4050H10POS RN1S40H50PC RZ4825HDP1 RN1F12150 RA4050L10NCS RN1S40H50PO RZ4825HDP2 RN1F12V30 RA4050L10NOS RN1S40L30NC RZ4840HAP0 RN1F12V50 RA4050L10PCS RN1S40L30NO RZ4840HAP1 RN1F23130 RA4050L10POS RN1S40L30PC RZ4840HDP0 RN1F23150 RA4090-D08D RN1S40L30PO RZ4840HDP1 RN1F23V30 RA4090-D10 RN1S40L50NC RZ4855HAP0 RN1F48130 RA4090H10NCS RN1S40L50NO RZ4855HAP1 RN1F48150 RA4090H10NOS RN1S40L50PC RZ4855HDP0 RN1F48V30 RA4090H10PCS RN1S40L50PO RZ4855HDP1 RN1F48V50 RA4090H10POS RN1S48H30NC RZ4855HDP2 RN1L12M25 RA4090L10NCS RN1S48H30NO TSE6-1A1113100 RN1L23M25 RA4090L10NOS RN1S48H30PC TSE6-IA1213100 RN1L40M25 RA4090L10PCS RN1S48H30PO TSE6-IA2113100 RN1L48M25 RA4090L10POS RN1S48H50NC TSE6-IA2213100 RN1A23H30NC RA4425-D08 RN1S48H50NO TSE6-IA3113100 RN1A23H30N0 RA4425-D08T RN1S48H50PC TSE6-IA3213100 RN1S23H30PC RA4425HA08 RN1S48H50PO TSE6-IA4113100 RN1S23H30PO RA4425LA08 RN1S48L30NC TSE6-IA4213100 RN1S23H50NC RA4450-D08 RN1S48L30NO VDRC230 RN1S23H50NO RA4450HA08 RN1S48L30PC VDRC400 RN1S23H50PC RA4450LA08 RN1S48L30PO RM1A23M100  RA4490-D08 RN1S48L50NC RM1A23M25 RN1S23H50PO RA4490HA08 RN1S48L50NO RM1A23M50 RN1A23L30NC RA4490LA08 RN1S48H50PC RM1A23M75 RN1S23L30NO RA4810-D12D RN1S48L50PO RM1A40M100 RN1S23L30PC RA48110-D12 RN2A23A30 RM1A40M25 RN1S23L30PO RA48110-D12D RN2A23A50 RM1A40M50 RN1A23L50NC RA4825-D12 RN2A23D30 RM1A40M75 RP1A23D3 RA4825-D12D RN2A23D50  RP1A23D3M1 RA4825HA12 RN2A48A30 RM1A48M100 RP1A23D5 RA4825LA12 RN2A48A50 RM1A48M25 RP1A23D5M1 RA4850-D12 RN2A48D30 RM1A48M50 RP1A23D6 RA4850-D12D RN2A48D50 RM1A48M75 RP1A23D6M1 RA4850HA12 RN2B23D30 RM1A60M100 RP1A40D3 RA4850LA12 RN2B23D50 RM1A60M25 RP1A40D5 RA4890-D12  RM1A60M50 RP1A40D6 RA4890-D12D RN2B48D30 RM1A60M75 RP1A48D3 RA4890HA12 RN2B48D50 RM1B23A100 RP1A48D5 4890LA12 RN2F12I30 RM1B23A25 RP1A48D6 RA60110-D16 RN2F12I50 RM1B23A50 RP1B23D3 RA60110-D16D RN2F12V30 RM1B23A75 RP1B23D3M1  RN2F12V50 RM1B23D100 RP1B23D5 RA6050-D16 RN2F23I30 RM1B23D25 RP1B23D5M1 RA6050-D16D RN2F23I50 RM1B23D50 RP1B23D6 RA6090-D16 RN2F23V30 RM1B23D75 RP1B23D6M1 RA6090-D16D RN2F23V50 RM1B40A100 RP1B40D3 RAP40A3 RN2F48I30 RM1B40A25 RP1B40D5 RAP40A5 RN2F48I50 RM1B40A50 RP1B40D6 RP1B48D6 RN2F48V30 RM1B40A75 RP1B48D3 RP1B48D5 RM1B40D100 RJ1A60A30E RJ1A60D30E RJ1A23A45E RJ1A23D45E RJ1A60A45E RJ1A60D45E RJ1A23A50E RJ1A23D50E RJ1A60A50E RJ1A60D50E RJ1A23A75E RJ1A23D75E RJ1A60A75E RJ1A60D75E RJ1A23A70E RJ1A23D70E RJ1A60A70E RJ1A60D70E RJ1A23A90E RJ1A23D90E RJ1A60A90E RJ1A60D90E RJ1A23A20E RJ1A23D20E RJ1A23A30E RJ1A60A20E RJ1A60D20E RJ1A23D30E RM1A23M25 RM1A23M50 RM1A23M75 RM1A23M100 RM1A40M25 RM1A40M50 RM1A40M75 RM1A40M100 RM1A48M25 RM1A48M50 RM1A48M75 RM1A48M100 RM1A60M25 RM1A60M50 RM1A60M75 RM1A60M100 RM1C40D25 RM1C40D50 RM1C60D25 RM1C60D50 RM1E40AA25 RM1E40AA50 RM1E40AA100 RM1E60AA25 RM1E60AA50 RM1E60AA100 RA2406-D25 RA2406-D50 RA2406-D90 RA2406-D110 RA2408-D25 RA2408-D50 RA2408-D90 RA2408-D110 RA2412-D25 RA2412-D50 RA2412-D90 RA2412-D110 RA2416-D25 RA2416-D50 RA2416-D90 RA2416-D110 RA2406LA25 RA2406LA50 RA2406LA90 RA2406LA110 RA2408LA25 RA2408LA50 RA2408LA90 RA2408LA110 RA2406HA25 RA2406HA50 RA2406HA90 RA2406HA110 RA2408HA25 RA2408HA50 RA2408HA90 RA2408HA110 RA2412LA25 RA2412LA50 RA2412LA90 RA2412LA110 RA2412HA25 RA2412HA50 RA2412HA90 RA2412HA110 RA2416LA25 RA2416LA50 RA2416LA90 RA2416LA110 RA2416HA25 RA2416HA50 RA2416HA90 RA2416HA110 RA4406-D25 RA4406-D50 RA4406-D90 RA4406-D110 RA4408-D25 RA4408-D50 RA4408-D90 RA4408-D110 RA4412-D25 RA4412-D50 RA4412-D90 RA4412-D110 RA4416-D25 RA4416-D50 RA4416-D90 RA4416-D110 RA4406LA25 RA4406LA50 RA4406LA90 RA4406LA110 RA4408LA25 RA4408LA50 RA4408LA90 RA4408LA110 RA4412LA25 RA4412LA50 RA4412LA90 RA4412LA110 RA4416LA25 RA4412LA50 RA4412LA90 RA4412LA110 RA4406HA25 RA4406HA50 RA4406HA90 RA4406HA110 RA4408HA25 RA4408HA50 RA4408HA90 RA4408HA110 RA4412HA25 RA4412HA50 RA4412HA90 RA4412HA110 RA4416HA25 RA4416HA50 RA4416HA90 RA4416HA110 RA6006-D25 RA6006-D50 RA6006-D90 RA6006-D110 RA6008-D25 RA6008-D50 RA6008-D90 RA6008-D110 RA0612-D25 RA6012-D50 RA6012-D90 RA6012-D110 RA6016-D25 RA6016-D50 RA6016-D90 RA6016-D110 RA6006LA25 RA6006LA50 RA6006LA90 RA6006LA110 RA6008LA25 RA6008LA50 RA6008LA90 RA6008LA110 RA6012LA25 RA6012LA50 RA6012LA90 RA6012LA110 RA6016LA25 RA6016LA50 RA6016LA90 RA6016LA110 RA6006HA25 RA6006HA50 RA6006HA90 RA6006HA110 RA6008HA25 RA6008HA50 RA6008HA90 RA6008HA110 RA6012HA25 RA6012HA50 RA6012HA90 RA6012HA110 RA6016HA25 RA6016HA50 RA6016HA90 RA6016HA110 4.CARLO GAVAZZI BB1 HF BB4 BB5 BB5-B D411 S008 S011 S108 S108A S111 S111A S408 S411 HF 5.CARLO GAVAZZI CONG5A-A2 CONG10-S2 CONH1A-S5 CONH3A-A2 CONG5A-A5 CONG10-S5 CONH1A-S5P CONH3A-A5 CONG5A-S2 CONH1A-A CONH10-A2 CONH3A-S2 CONG5A-S5 CONH1A-A2 CONH10-A2P CONH3A-S5 CONB2A-A CONH1A-A2P CONH10-A5  CONB2A-S CONH1A-A5 CONH10-A5P CONH5A-A2 CONG1A-A2 CONH1A-A5P CONH10-ANT5 CONH5A-A5 CONG1A-A5 CONH1A-ANT2 CONH10-APT2 CONH6A-A2 CONG1A-S2 CONH1A-APT2 CONH10-APT5 CONH6A-A5 CONG1A-S5 CONH1A-APT5 CONH10-APT5P CONH6A-S2 CONG10-A2 CONH1A-S CONH10-S2 CONH6A-S5 CONG10-A5 CONH1A-S2 CONH10-S2P CONH10-S5P CONH1A-S2P CONH10-S5 6.CARLO GAVAZZI MS1115 RSE2312-BS RSE6012-B RSO4050 MS1230 RSE4003-B RSE6025-C RSO4090 MS1400 RSE4012-B RSE6025-C10 RSO4810 RSC-AAM60 RSE4012-BS RSO2210 RSO48110 RSC-HDOM60 RSE4025-C RSO22110 RSO4825 RSE1112-BS RSE4025-C10 RSO2225 RSO4850 RSE2203-B RSE4803-B RSO2250 RSO4890 RSE2212-B RSE4812-B RSO2290 RSO60110 RSE2225-C RSE4825-C RSO4010 RSO6050 RSE2225-C10 RSE4825-C10 RSO40110 RSO6090 RTO1250 RSE6003-B RSO4025  TO1225 RTO12110 RTC40HD12-6 RTC40HD12-5 RTO1210 7.CARLO GAVAZZI 5100510 DI372AV6DD0EX LDI35AV2D1XXXX LDI3AV6D0XXIX 5100511 DI372AV6DD0XX LDI35AV2F1XXXX LDI3AV6D0XXXT 5100512 DI372F1KAA0EX LDI35CFPB0XXXX LDI3AV6D0XXXX 5100520 DI372F1KAA0XX LDI35CFPD0XXXX LDI3F1KA0XXIT 5100521 DI372F1KAB0EX LDI35CFPD1XXXX LDI3F1KA0XXIX 5100522 DI372F1KAB0XX LDI35CFX30XXXX LDI3F1KA0XXXT 5100523 DI372F1KAC0EX LDI35CFXA0XXIX LDI3F1KA0XXXX


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